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Best rated carpet cleaner for today

The rating of the things tells us the quality and performance of the things. The carpet cleaners are used to clean the carpets on the staircases and floor tops. The carpet cleaners are also known as the carpet shampooer.

When we want to buy a new carpet cleaner we have to check its rating to know its performance, then only we can choose the best carpet which is suitable for our home or office. Here are 2 top rated carpet cleaners from two different companies.

  • Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro
  • Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber

These two carpet cleaners are having a high rating, which makes them come within the list of top 10 carpet cleaners.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro:

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro having ratings about 7 out of10 which makes this as one of the top carpet cleaners. It has a major advantage as the forced air feature. It is light weighted and easy to maneuver. And also it has some disadvantages like the short power cord and it is reported with the leaks.

The basic design of Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro contains the following features:

  • It contains a 10-amp motor with five counter-rotating brushes.
  • It has a feature of forced heated air technology.
  • It has a Shampooer with 13-inch cleaning nozzles to clean the floors.
  • It has 2 tanks with the quantity of 1- gallon each.
  • It has a clear plastic tank design which allows the user to see water volume in the tank.
  • It Weighs 21 pounds and 20-foot power cord with a 9-foot
  • It is easy to maneuver around furniture and between rooms.
  • It has power with the hand tool.
  • It has 2-year warranty to use.

This machine has a forced heated air technology which helps to die the carpet after a deep shampooed clean. The brushes and cleaner extract the water, removing embedded dirt and debris hidden beneath and between your carpet’s fibers.

Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber:

This carpet cleaning machine was designed to handle tough, stubborn stains on the carpets and floors. It has some special advantages like stain removing powers, wide cleaning path facility and light weight. It has some disadvantages like high price and it is difficult to become familiar to use.

The basic design of Oreck XL Shield Power Scrubber contains the following features:

  • This machine is designed with 3 separate motors.
  • It has a self-operating scrubbing brush assembly.
  • It is designed with the 3-gallon tank and it has 1-foot wide cleaning path.
  • It has a 25-foot power cord.
  • It has a manual cord rewind system.
  • It has a handheld upholstery tool for clear cleaning.
  • It has a 12-foot extension hose.

This machine will produce outstanding results for stain removing. This machine will not work in reverse. This machine weights for only 17 pounds which make this machine as light weighted.